Evolve IV - Decadent Light (Prog Rock Records 2008)

Evolve IV: Decadent Light (audio CD)

Debut CD featuring Peter Matuchniak and Michael Eager, released via ProgRock Records. Click here for reviews...


The Haiti Projekt - Relief through Music - featuring Peter Matuchniak

The Haiti Projekt - Relief for Haiti through Music (40 song set)

Almost 4 hours of music including a song from Peter Matuchniak (featuring Jimmy Keegan live drummer from Spock's Beard, and Tali Azerad from Which One's Pink) plus some of the finest progressive rock artists: Neal Morse, IZZ, Roine Stolt (Agents of Mercy, The Flower Kings, Transatlantic), Randy George (Ajalon), Dave Meros (Spocks Beard), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Andy Tillison (The Tangent).

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Mach One: An Ancient Lie (audio CD)

60-minute compilation of music covering the years 1982-84.  Featuring all the favourites (including Into The Pit)  as well as some live studio demos of new songs and bonus material features demos from the school days.



Coming soon!

Janysium: The Quiet Life (audio CD)

Coming soon!

Janysium: Six Thousand Miles (audio CD)

Coming soon!

Mach One: Could This Have Been Our Prehistory? 
(audio CD)


Spanish For Gringos (VHS video)

Spanish language training video based on the best-selling book by Jeff Harvey.  All music composed and arranged by (Tadeusz) Peter Matuchniak/The Various Artist



The Progressive Rock Files (Book)

A detailed chronology of significant events that contributed to the phenomenon of this genre.  Includes references to both bands of Peter's early career, JANYSIUM and MACH ONE, and an introduction by their publicity agent Keith Goodwin.